Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for a child to come to Arrowhead Ranch?
​The cost of attending Arrowhead Ranch is based on the individual needs of each child and will be discussed at length during the interview process. In some cases, scholarships may be available to aid in the cost.

What insurance is required for a child to come to Arrowhead Ranch?
Each child is required to have health and dental insurance to come to the ranch.

How often will I be allowed to visit with my son?
Upon admission to the ranch a child will have a thirty day no contact period for adjustment. After thirty days, the child is allowed a six hour day visit. After sixty days, monthly weekend visits are allowed based on behavior and supervision at the home.

How long will my son stay at the Ranch if he is accepted?
Arrowhead Ranch is a minimum one year program. After one year, the progress of the child is discussed and a decision is made to determine if the child is ready to return home. At that time, a plan will be implemented for a positive return home.

Do the boys attend church services while at the Ranch? ​
Arrowhead Ranch is a Christian based facility. The boys attend regular church services with their respective house parents.

Does the Ranch take custody of my son?
Arrowhead Ranch does not take custody, but instead guardianship is granted to allow for care of your child for educational and health related services.

What school do the boys at the Ranch attend?
Boys at Arrowhead Ranch attend Cascade School located in Wartrace, Tennessee.

Can the boys at the ranch be involved in sports or activities at school? ​
Participation in extracurricular activities is allowed with certain grade and behavior requirements.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us  and we will be glad to help you.

Arrowhead Boys Ranch

239 Cortner Mill Rd.
Normandy, TN  37360
Telephone: 931-857-4000
Fax: 931-857-0008

A nonprofit 501(c)(3)


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