Arrowhead Ranch of Tennessee is a long term residential care facility for level one boys ages 10-18 years old. We are a 501(c)3 private not for profit organization. It is our goal to take young boys who have conflict, disappointment, doubt, and misguided direction in their lives, and over time instill a sense of purpose, hope and direction as they grow into young men. This is a working ranch that teaches the importance of hard work and team building in a spiritual family environment. The boys live in a home with a married Christian couple serving as house parents. Their goal is to provide a balanced family life during the remaining years of the boys’ adolescence. These parents are committed to providing each young man with the unconditional love, structure, discipline and overall direction that every child needs.

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Arrowhead Boys Ranch

239 Cortner Mill Rd.
Normandy, TN  37360
Telephone: 931-857-4000
Fax: 931-857-0008

A nonprofit 501(c)(3)